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About Billabong

Much thought and deliberation has gone into the incorporation of Billabong Aboriginal Development Corporation. This has enabled Billabong to establish and build a stable, apolitical and independent organisation which, as and when it is properly resourced, will provide a wide range of services, employment initiatives and cultural support to our Community:

  • Billabong Rental Housing Program for low-income families;
  • Advocacy and Referral for Low Income clients. (Centrelink, Legal Aid, Care Financial Services, Relationships Australia);
  • Emergency Relief funds. (Food, Clothing etc.);
  • Healthy Nutrition Program with Diabetes Australia;
  • YMECH Small engine and general car maintenance program for youth at risk focussing on years 9 & 10 having trouble staying at school;
  • Native Seed Bank and Propagation Nursery and community gardens;
  • ICT Resource Centre (Digital Divide);
  • Community linkages and participation activities;
  • Key Indigenous Art Program.

Other programs currently being developed include:

  • Employment and Vocational Training Programs;
  • Art and Educational Activities;
  • Nutrition & Budgeting Programs;
  • Cultural and Social Activities;
  • Health, Housing, Education and Employment Referral and Advocacy;
  • Open Community BBQ and Fireplace;
  • Community-based Business Development and Support;
  • Alternative Education Time out program incorporating established programs.


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