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Billabong has installed at our community facility at Stockdill Drive the following water and energy systems that support environmental sustainability: Key support is derived from the younger generation capitalising on their interest in a sustainable planet.

  • Biolytix sewerage system. A two stage anaerobic / aerobic sewerage system has been installed to replace the septic system which had previously serviced the 2.2 hectare property. Water is treated and recycled subsurface to strategic areas around the property.
Biolytix sewerage system

Biolytix sewerage system

  • Solar Voltaic Cell Array, funded through Community Energy Grants Program through the Dept. of Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water, has been extremely successful in reducing the electricity usage. An average bill is reduced from around $547.00 to around $25.00 during the summer period Billabong is considering options on how to fund an additional 5KW / 22 panel upgrade to maximise the solar generation to offset non-productive days.
22 Panel Solar Array

22 Panel Solar Array

  • Bio Diesel Project
    • A 33 KVA generator (inclusive of Auto Transfer Switch Unit & Multiphase Adapter unit), has been purchased to provide an alternative power source in the case of an emergency. Work has commenced on establishing a Biodiesel Plant to provide fuel for the generator to enable an environmental supplementary supply to be integrated into the current mains system.
  • Waste Fluid Vertical Gravity Separation system has been purchased to allow separation of oils and other fluid contaminants to be cleanly recycled.
  • A water purification system which can be operated under solar power, bio diesel or mains power has been acquired to filter collected water for use around the community facility.
  • Recycled ACTEWAGL Sewerage Water facility constructed on the property to provide recycled water for the Native Plant Nursery. Currently waiting on approved access.

Native Nursery and Seed Bank

The seed bank which has a wide range of ACT and Region high demand species also supports sustainability into the future by providing seed for growing local species and teaching people about the importance of biodiversity.

ACT Region High Demand Species Native Training Nursery

ACT Region High Demand Species Native Training Nursery


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