Current Projects

Low Income Housing is one of the top priorities for Billabong. Provisional approvals for finance had been organised which will allow for the physical construction of houses to be accomplished but the constant issue of the lack of availability of land is a continuous vexing issue that doesn’t seem to be able to be resolved. Attempts to access the land rent scheme via a number of land ballots here in the ACT have been oversubscribed and unsuccessful. Investigations are currently underway to ascertain whether leveraging on a number of our assets is a prudent and effective alternative to acquire a number of vacant blocks for the purpose of constructing 3-4 bedroom houses

Billabong is also currently in the process of revamping our Native Plant training nursery and the YMECH or Youth Mechanics program. The facilities in the Administration building are being upgraded to facilitate and auspice advocacy and referral support services for those in most need.

Billabong has recently been able to attract well qualified volunteers to help establish the human resources needed to undertake growth in the housing, vocational education and employment arenas and until the requisite funds are generated to employ suitable persons in those areas, it will be a long, slow process.

2 comments on “Current Projects

  1. Hi, My Daughter is interested in the Mechanic program along with other Student’s I work with, Please let me know if this is possible.

    (Aboriginal Liason worker) Canberra High

  2. Hi Lisa yes this is possible. Please call Billabong to discuss. regards

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