Proudly Support Us

Billabong Aboriginal Development Corporation is a charitable, not-for-profit company ltd organisation under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001. Billabong is recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a public benevolent institution (PBI) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). We are a suitable agency for referral of volunteers and are supported by a number of mentors including accountants and solicitors. From its inception in 1996, Billabong principally funded its operations through the efforts of volunteer members (mostly of low income).
Through diligence and successful program development, we had attracted specific-purpose and recurrent funding from the ACT Government (through DHCS, OCYFS and the Chief Minister’s Departments) and the Commonwealth Government (through the Departments of Family & Community Services and Health & Ageing). Billabong’s Housing Program has also been assisted by a capital funding through the Indigenous Coordination Centre in Queanbeyan. As a priority, Billabong has established a community service facility for the Belconnen/Gungahlin region at the Stockdill Drive Community Farm located on a semi-rural property at the edge of Holt. We have been able, within a proactive framework, to provide an increasing range of appropriate and relevant support programs and initiatives at and from the Farm.